TRE Message Manager and TagStation


When TRE is enabled for “TagStation Spot/NTR and Schedule” the features of TRE’s Message Manager and interleaving messaging are disabled.  At this time the two feature sets cannot co-exist.

So I Have To Choose Between TagStation and Message Manager?

Not really.  It all depends on what you’re trying to do.

To manage all enhancements in one place, enabling “TagStation Spot/NTR and Schedule” is the way to go.  TagStation’s functions can mirror (for the most part) the functions you’re accustomed to in TRE Message Manager.

For example:

  • TagStation’s Schedule feature can be used in place of Message Manager’s “scheduled messages” feature.
  • TagStation’s Campaigns feature can be used in place of Message Manager’s “linked events” feature.
  • TagStation’s Default Spot/Promo feature (in Settings) can be used in place of Message Manager’s “cover message” feature.

On the flip side, you can continue using Message Manager AND use TagStation if you'd like.

What you lose by going this route is the ability to send images/text enhancements for Spots/Promos/Schedule events to HD, and text enhancements for Spots/Promos/Schedule events to RDS.

By enabling “TagStation Lookup” and disabling “TagStation Spot/NTR and Scheduler” in TRE you can continue to use Message Manager to send Spot/Promo/Schedule text enhancements via RDS and HD displays, while using TagStation to deliver enhanced content (album art, artist and title) for Songs to NextRadio and to HD Radio.  

To use Message Manger with interleaving you would need:

  • TRE software version 2.9B119 or newer
  • Message Manager ( plug-in license and setup

also TRE setup would need:

  • Interleaving > check "Enable" (recommendation is to check “Disable Interleaving on HD Radio” if you are serving HD Artist Experience)
  • Licensed Features > > check both “Enable” and “Enable on every event.
  • Message Center Schedule > check “Enable”, have File: schedule.xml and check “Cover commercial events”

Please contact Broadcast Electronics support for further TRE and Message Manager support. 

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