How to maintain song match info when changing automation systems


If you switch from one automation system to another and your songs enter TagStation with a new CUT ID, TagStation will see each song as a new record and ignore any matching you've previously done.

Here are the steps you can take in order to preserve the work you've done with song matching once you've switched to your new automation system.


1. In the TagStation Admin delete all Auto-Matched songs.

Doing this clears out the obsolete auto-matches containing the CUT ID from your old automation system.

2. Export your song library from your new automation system as a  tab-delimited file that contains three columns: Cut ID, Artist Name, Song Title. 

You may choose to include a fourth column, Album Title, but note that this column is not mandatory.

See attached "playlist.txt" file below as an example of what is needed.

3. Upload your tab-delimited song library file using the "Upload Song List" feature in the TagStation Admin.

At this point you will have many duplicate songs, one with the old CUT ID and one with the new CUT ID.

4. Email Support with the following information: call letters of your station and the date on which you switched automation systems.

We will run a database process that will compare the Artist Name and Song Title from the old automation system against the Artist Name and Song Title from the new automation system.  

When an exact match is made, the song match or customization information from the "old" song record will be moved to the "new" song record.  

The song record from the old automation system will remain in TagStation as an "unmatched" song (having had its match information moved to the new record).  

5. When our part of the process is complete we will notify you.  At that point you should delete all unmatched songs using the "Delete" function in TagStation.

This will remove from TagStation the unmatched song records from your "old" automation system.



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