Set-Up Networking Tips


Use this guide to verify your playout system's readiness for TagStation, and to troubleshoot if you encounter problems with your setup.


The following information applies to the use of TagStation with all middleware providers except JumpGate.

Connectivity between Datacasting system and Automation System

Verify that the machine on which you run your datacasting middleware (e.g. TRE, CSRDS, Slingshot) can communicate with your automation system over your local network.

  • Make sure you can ping your automation system from your datacasting system.
  • Make sure you can ping your datacasting system from your automation system.
  • Verify the port you are using to communicate between automation system and datacasting system is not being used already, such as by your streaming system.

Connectivity to TagStation via the Internet

If Internet communication is restricted by your firewall, you may need to know TagStation's IP addresses.  TagStation is hosted by Amazon.  The IP address ranges are published on these pages:

Verify that your datacasting PC can validate TagStation's SSL certificate.

  • Bandwidth usage ~100kbps
    • Varies based on number of multicast streams and frequency of event changes
  • Datacasting PC sends specific queries to:
    • via TCP port 443
    • via TCP port 80

HTTPS query requires SSL certificate validation from datacasting PC by connecting to http://* via TCP port 80

Verify that your datacasting PC can communicate with TagStation's Lookup Handler.  Visit the following Webpage in a browser:

Connectivity Between Datacasting System and RDS and HD systems

  • RDS encoder using UDP port as configured on RDS encoder (i.e. UDP5401)
  • HD exporter for PAD data using port UDP11000
  • HD importer for PAD data
  • UDP4444 or UDP10010 (Nautel default) for HD2
  • UDP4446 or UDP10020 (Nautel default) for HD3
  • HD importer for artwork delivery using port TCP8020 (JMSAC application)
  • Overall bandwidth usage max ~150kbps
    • Example for station with HD1 and HD2 ~70kbps
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