TagStation Release Notes


Release Notes: TagStation v3.6.0.4019

Release Date: July 16, 2018

Improvement: Discontinue Default NTR and Spot Messages from Settings; Condense Content Tab

Affects: Station Admin

In order to simplify our system and make station updates easier, we are discontinuing the default spot and NTR message feature. From now on, station defaults will be used for all default content, regardless of event type.



Fix: Spot Tracker Inventory Items  — Unable to Save Certain ISCI/Ad-ID Values, but No Error Thrown in UI

Affects: Advertiser Admin

There is a 20-character server-side limit imposed on our “Ad-IDs or ISCI codes” field values. Validation added to UI to ensure values > 20 characters long do not make it to the server.



New Feature: Add Station Constants to Settings Page for Reference

Affects: Station Admin

These values are purely informational and aid users in knowing how to:

  • Promote listening to their channel with NextRadio
  • Communicate ID values to support and development teams when broadcasters explore the TagStation API and Reporting SDK features


Improvement: Add TagStation Version to API Response Headers

Affects: Public API


Fix: Seeing Mix of English and Spanish Translations in UI

Affects: Stations Admin


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