Listener Intelligence Overview


Dial Report's Listener Intelligence portal provides insight into NextRadio listening and listeners for your station, your market and your competition. 

If you’re looking for supplemental information to vet against other data sources, or you operate in a world where listening data is slow or difficult to come by, Listener Intelligence is a valuable tool to add to your analytics arsenal. The information is free with your TagStation license. 

Below is an overview of each section of Listener Intelligence.  If you have questions about the information in the portal, email us at or call us at 317-707-4303.

Station Analytics: Overview

Think of this as your Listener Intelligence home page, a dashboard that includes your station's NextRadio listening metrics, a map of listener home locations, a list of the most densely populated listener zips (your "hot zips"), a breakout of daypart listening and your top demographics.

Since NextRadio enables listening via FM and streaming, you can choose to see an overview for "All" (FM + streaming listening), "Broadcast" (FM listening only) or "Streaming" (streaming listening only).

Start by selecting a delivery type, time span, market and station from the drop down menu - then click "Apply."




Station Analytics: Engagement

In this section you see quarter hour breakdowns of when listeners are tuned to your station. 

Some ways to use this data:

  • Identify peak times of day when listeners are listening, weekdays or weekend, by daypart
  • Determine whether or not appointment listening efforts are paying off
  • See if marketing efforts or changes to programming are having an impact



Market Measurement: Overview

In this section you see how your market is performing and how your station rates versus others in the market.  

Some ways to use this data:

  • Get a sense of your listening share within the market
  • Identify opportunities to gain listening within the market
  • See how your competitors are performing



Market Measurement: Trends

In this section you specify stations (in your market) and select listening measures in order to see a side-by-side comparison of how those measures are trending over time.

Some ways to use this data:

  • See if marketing or content efforts are resulting in the gains you hope to achieve
  • Determine whether or not changes to programming are having an impact
  • See if marketing or content efforts, or changes to programming, are paying off for your competition


Owner View

Enables you to see listening metrics for all stations in your ownership group on one page. 



Final Notes

To increase the quantity and quality of information available to you in Listener Intelligence, be sure to promote listening of your station on the NextRadio app -and- if you have your own station-branded app, consider implementing our reporting SDK. In doing so, the same measures and insights available for NextRadio listening can be made available in Listener Intelligence for your station-branded app.

The login page for Listener Intelligence is located here: 

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