Maximizing the benefits of Newsfeed in two simple steps


NextRadio’s “Newsfeed” is a constantly updated list of content personalized to the tastes of your listeners.

Newsfeed reinforces your programming by featuring upcoming releases, hot songs and concert listings for the artists you play, as well as artist facts and your station tweets.

Newsfeed also makes good on Radio’s promise to deliver critical information in a time of need by enabling users to sign up for emergency alerts specific to their listening geography.

The content that fills Newsfeed is driven by the stations listened to, as well as the stations that have been marked as a favorite, by the listener.

So if you want to ensure that Newsfeed is filled with your station tweets and content related to your on-air programming, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Login to TagStation >> Settings >> General, and enter your Twitter Username in the “Twitter Username” field.

Step 2

Tell your listeners to favorite your station in the NextRadio app.

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