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For stations that utilize the Public Radio Satellite System®, TagStation provides the ability to deliver images and text (metadata) from MetaPub in the NextRadio app and on compatible HD radios.  This functionality is part of TagStation's scheduler.

If you are not already familiar with the TagStation scheduler, it is recommended that you read Managing Schedule first.

When creating or editing an event in the scheduler, you will see an additional section labeled MetaPub PRSS content with the options Program title, Program air day and Join in progress.  If you utilize PRSS at your station but do not see these options, contact Support.

The Program title dropdown lists all of the programs currently available through PRSS, in one hour blocks.  

Join in progress allows you to begin airing a program some time after the beginning and keep the metadata and images provided by MetaPub in sync with your broadcast.

Normally when you create an event in the TagStation schedule, the title, description and image you enter are displayed for the duration of the event.  Programs available in MetaPub can contain multiple sets of metadata that update in sync with the audio.  The metadata displayed in NextRadio and on HD radios will change appropriately during the event.  

In some cases, the metadata for a segment will expire and the program does not provide new metadata for a period of time.  One example of this is a local news segment during All Things Considered.  When the current metadata expires and there isn't new metadata from MetaPub to replace it, TagStation reverts to the metadata you set when you create the event.  If you do not attach an image to the event, TagStation will fall back to the station logo specified on the Settings tab.

MetaPub provides air times in Eastern time.  All other times in TagStation are in local time relative to the station you're viewing or editing.


1. You air four hours of All Things Considered live every day on your station located in the Pacific time zone.  To set this up in TagStation, create one event with a start time of 1pm and an end time of 5pm.  Under MetaPub PRSS content, select

  • Program title: All Things Considered - 16:00:00 EDT
  • Program air day:  today
  • Join in progress:  0 minutes 0 seconds
You only need to select the first segment of a program.  TagStation will continue displaying metadata from the program until the end of the event, or the end of the program is reached.  If the end of the program is reached before the end of the event, the metadata created in the event will be displayed for the remaining duration.

Under the dropdown lists you will see a text description of what you are scheduling.

Add any enhancements you wish, and click Create.  

2. You air two and a half hours of Morning Edition live starting at 4:30am Central time every weekday, skipping the first half hour.  Create an event with a start time of 4:30am and end time of 7:00am. Select the following MetaPub options:

  • Program title: Morning Edition - 05:00:00 EDT
  • Program air day: today
  • Join in progress: 30 minutes 0 seconds

While the program air day allows you to select programs from up to 30 days in the past, not all program data is retained that long.  

3. You rebroadcast yesterday's All Things Considered from 1am to 5am Pacific time.  

Create an event with start and end times of 1am and 5am, respectively.  Select the following MetaPub options:

  • Program title: All Things Considered - 16:00:00 EDT
  • Program air day: yesterday
  • Join in progress: 0 minutes 0 seconds

Add any enhancements you wish, and click Create.  

4. You air Classical 24 all day on your station located in the Central time zone.  Classical 24 data in MetaPub starts at midnight.  Create a new event with a 24 hour duration starting at midnight Eastern, adjusted to your local time (11pm in this example).

24 hours is the maximum duration of a single event in TagStation.  When creating a 24 hour event, the end time must be at minute 59 of the previous hour (e.g. 11:00pm to 10:59pm the following day).

Add a title, description and optionally an image.  Under Schedule, set the event to repeat daily every 1 day.  Under MetaPub PRSS Content, select the first hour of Classical 24.  Set any enhancements and cards you wish, then click the Create button.

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