Dynamic Cards vs. Custom Cards


Dynamic Content Cards

Dynamic content cards display related content for listeners, without creating more work for the radio station.  They display dynamically on the Now Playing screen, beneath the "current" event, and may include information about an upcoming concert or record release, a list of recently played songs, station program information and more.

To take full advantage of dynamic content cards, make sure you have a high Song match rate and a completed Schedule


Concert Card


Album Card


On-Air Now Card



Custom Content Cards

You may also wish to create your own cards to promote station initiatives or integrate advertiser messaging. These Custom Content Cards also display under the current event on the Now Playing screen.




Custom Cards Explained

TagStation's Campaigns feature enables you to enhance your spots & promos (your audio events) with visuals and interactions. The enhancements you create in a Campaign (the image, text, interactions) disaply as a Companion Ad, when the spot or promo (the audio event) runs on-air.

A Card is an alternate expression of Campaign details.

The difference (Companion Ad vs. Card) is that a Card does not rely on an audio event in order to display.  

Think of a Card as a billboard that you can set to display on NextRadio’s Now Playing screen.  A Card can display beneath music events (songs), non-music events (spots/promos/schedule entries), or both.

Creating a Custom Card

To create a Card:

  1. Create a Campaign.
  2. Determine where the Card (for that Campaign) should display.

Determining Where a Custom Card Displays

A custom Card can be displayed:

  1. Under Music events (Songs)
  2. Under non-Music events (Spots/Promos)
  3. Under a Schedule event


Displaying a Card under Music and non-Music events

Go to Settings > Content > Card Content and select up to (5) cards to display under Music events and/or non-Music events.


Displaying a Card under a Schedule event

Go to Schedule and edit the Schedule event for which you would like to add a Card.  At the bottom of the Schedule event you can select up to (5) cards to display under the Schedule event.



  1. Only an active Campaign with at least one configured enhancement can be displayed as a Card.
  2. Cards will display under non-Music events only when those events are not part of an active campaign.
  3. You can assign up to (5) custom Cards to each event type, but only one Card will display per event.  


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