JMSAC configuration for HD Artist Experience setup


Misconfigured settings made while completing TagStation set-up for HD Artist Experience may prevent HD receivers from properly receiving your broadcast data.

Please verify that the configuration outlined below is in place and accurate, and if you have any questions along the way don’t hesitate to contact TagStation Support.


JMSAC configuration must match the Importer’s HD Artist Experience multicast channel setup

If your Importer is set for HD1 and HD2 audio channels with corresponding HD1 and HD2 Artist Experience services, JMSAC must be set accordingly with HD1 and HD2 options, even if you are only broadcasting Artist Experience for one HD channel because Importer bandwidth assigned for Artist Experience is shared by all multicast channels dynamically.

If you used the TagStation configuration package (TCP) with all prepared presets and steps please be sure that the file in the jmsacTools-XXXX\Cfg folder is set with correct parameter:

<entry key="filename">../cfg/mpClientX.xml</entry>

For a station with an FM/HD1 only, specify mpClient1.xml.
For a station with an FM/HD1 and HD2, specify mpClient2.xml.
For a station with an FM/HD1, HD2 and HD3 - specify mpClient3.xml.
For a station with an FM/HD1, HD2, HD3 and HD4, specify mpClient4.xml

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