Creating your SCHEDULE (video + user manual)


TagStation's Schedule tab enables you to display images and information about your programs and talent in the NextRadio app, connected cars and HD receivers that support The Artist Experience.

Schedule content is the meat and potatoes of the visual and interactive experience talk stations offer their listeners.

On music stations, Schedule content displays during live reads, talk between songs, or any part of the broadcast played outside of the automation system.

To give your programs and talent even more exposure, you can toggle your TagStation Settings to display Schedule content during spots and promos.




Upon arriving on the Schedule tab, you will see the current week and the events scheduled. 



Creating an Event: Basic Details and Recurrence

Click the New event button or click a date in the date column.

The current week's schedule will slide to the left and reveal the content fields for your new event.

Title: the name of the program

Description: some descriptive text about the program

Image: Optional, but recommended.  If no image is uploaded, the logo you added to Settings will display.

Scheduling - Start Time / End Time: This works like other calendar interfaces you're used to. Start by choosing a start date/time and end date/time for the on-air program for the first day you'd like the event to appear.

If it's a one-time event, make sure the Repeats box is unchecked.

If your event repeats, tick the Repeats check box to define the event's recurrence.


Creating an Event: Configuring Enhancements


Adding enhancements to your Schedule event is optional, but encouraged:

Basic Enhancements

Website URL: Add a URL you'd like the listener to visit.

Website Action Text: Enables you to customize the button that takes the listener to the web address.

Example 1: add as the URL and have the button say "Joe's Web Page"
Example 2: add as the URL and have the button say "@TheJoeShow"

Primary Call To Action

From your configured enhancements, seletct the primary call to action (the call to action that will be most prominently displayed in NextRadio).


Below is the Schedule event we created above, as it appears in NextRadio.



Managing Schedule Conflicts

The Schedule interface provides an indication when the time window of one scheduled event conflicts with another. If there is overlap, the schedule times of the conflicting events appear in red with a warning symbol.

Click a conflicting event to enter "edit mode" and resolve conflicts by adjusting the time windows or deleting unnecessary instances. Reviewing and resolving conflicts will ensure that the appropriate content displays with your on-air broadcast.


Editing/Customizing an Event

Once you've added events to your schedule, you can edit details for the entire series of a repeating event, customize a single instance of a repeating event or edit a one-off event you've created.

To edit the entire series for a repeating event, click any instance of the series and make sure that the Edit series button in the upper left of the edit screen is selected. Changes made while editing a series will update all past and future instances of the event.


To make edits to a single instance of a repeating event, click the instance you'd like to edit and make sure the Customize event button in the upper left of the edit screen is selected. Changes made to the event will only affect the instance that you are customizing.


This function is especially useful if you have a special event taking place on a particular day, during a particular time for which a schedule event already exists.

After you've made your changes, click Update at the bottom right of the page. You will be prompted to confirm that this will become an independent event, to which you will click Save.

Going back to the schedule overview page you will see that the original event scheduled for that day is greyed out, indicating that it will not display on that day, at that time. Just below this greyed out event you will see your new (customized) event.


You can always delete your customization by clicking Restore in the original, greyed out event. Upon doing so your original event will return and no longer be greyed out.

Duplicating an Event

If you need to create a copy of an event and retain all of the entered content and scheduling configurations, simply click the duplicate icon for the event in the group of action icons on the right side of the schedule.

Upon clicking Duplicate you will enter the event creation mode with all content and scheduling pre-populated from the original event. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page to add the new event to your schedule.

Deleting an Event

You can delete an event by clicking the delete icon for the event in the group of action icons on the right side of the schedule. You can also enter edit mode and click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

When deleting an event you are provided with delete options depending on the type of event you wish to delete.

For a non-repeating, one-off event you will be asked to confirm your intention to delete and notified that deletion can not be undone.

For a repeating event you can either delete an instance of the event or the entire series. If you're deleting an instance, the event is greyed out in the schedule and you have the option to restore the original at any time. If you elect to delete the series, all past and future instances of the event will be deleted and the deletion cannot be undone. 

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