Uploading a Song List or Single Song


In some situations, you may want to add a song or list of songs to your TagStation library ahead of time, instead of waiting for them to play from your playout system.  Some examples are:

  • You're debuting a new hit single
  • You're airing songs recorded live in your studio

In either case, TagStation may be unable to find a match to album art, or the songs could match incorrectly.  To ensure the songs match the way you want the first time they air, upload them to TagStation before they play. 

Uploading A Song List

Prepare a tab-delimited text file that contains three required columns: Cut ID, Artist Name, Song Title.  An optional fourth column, Album Title, can also be used.  If you have Album Title  information we encourage you to upload it as well.  

The file cannot list more that 1000 songs. Please prepare multiple files if you are uploading more than 1000 songs.

Warning: The cut ID, artist name, and song title included in the uploaded file must match EXACTLY with the information entered into your automation system so that TagStation recognizes the match when it's received. Any deviation will cause TagStation to ignore the uploaded version and attempt to make a brand new match using the variation from the automation system. 

 Clicking Upload Song List will open the dialog box to the right, which enables you to upload the prepare file.



Your uploaded list will be automatically be checked against the Gracenote database for accuracy and album artwork, and all songs will be added to your song library.

Uploading A Single Song



Clicking Add Song will open the dialog box below, which enables you to add songs individually. As with adding a list of songs, the data you enter here must match what will come from your automation system precisely, or TagStation will treat the song as unique when it plays, and attempt a Gracenote lookup at that time.



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