Creating Companion Ads + Cards (Video + User Manual)


TagStation's Campaigns tool enables you to create Companion Ads and Cards.


A Companion Ad consists of an image, text and at least one call-to action-button.

These visual elements, which we call “enhanced content,” display in sync with the audio of your spot/promo when it airs.

Think of a Companion Ad simply as the visuals that relate to, and accompany, the audio spot/promo.

Companion Ads create a connection between the audio call-to-action and the listeners’ ability to take the action, in real time.


A Card is different from a Companion Ad.  It does not rely on an audio event (a spot/promo) to display.

Think of a Card as a billboard that displays beneath the main content on NextRadio’s Now Playing screen.  It can display beneath music events (songs), non-music events (spots/promos/schedule entries), or both.

Cards enable the marketer to extend their campaign message outside the bounds of the audio spot, while capitalizing on the reach and frequency of the audio campaign.




Log-in to TagStation and click the Campaigns Tab at the top of the page.  The Manage Campaigns page provides a view of your saved campaigns. In the Campaigns Overview box click a campaign status to filter campaigns by their status.


Campaign statuses include:

  • All campaigns: Total number of campaigns available for editing.
  • Active campaigns enhanced.png: Campaigns that are within their scheduled window of activity.
  • Pending campaigns pending.png: Campaigns created ahead of their scheduled start date.
  • Expired campaigns expired.png: Campaigns that have passed their scheduled end date.


Creating a Campaign

To create a campaign, click "+ New campaign."

Basic Settings


  • Campaign Name: Give your campaign a recognizable name.
  • Sales Tracking - Unpaid Promotion Checkbox: Tick this box if you are enhancing an NTR event (promo) that does not include advertiser or promotional partner logos, text, links.
  • Sales Tracking - Advertiser: Provide the advertiser name.
  • Sales Tracking - Maximum Impressions: Enables you to put a cap on the the maximum cost you may incur to run this campaign.


Notes on "Unpaid Promotion" Checkbox

  1. If you are enhancing an NTR audio event (a promo) and it does not include advertiser or promotional partner logos, text, links - there is no CPM transaction fee to deliver these enhancements.  

  2. By ticking the "unpaid promotion" checkbox you are representing that the images, text, links and associated interactions that you add do not include advertiser or promotional partner information.

  3. Once submitted, the Campaign will be sent to TagStation staff for review and will be approved or denied within three business days. 

  4. If a campaign created under this scenario is found to contain content that violates the terms of service - the campaign will be denied and will require either a) sales tracking information to be added or b) the content to be edited to remove advertiser/promotional partner information. At that point the Campaign can be re-submitted.

  5. Any SPOT that is enhanced requires sales tracking information to be provided.

  6. Remember - the audio of the SPOT/NTR (promo) can contain any message you want, it's the inclusion of advertiser images, text or interactions that necessitate sales tracking information be input!



Link Audio Events to your Campaign

In this area you identify the spot(s)/promo(s) that you wish to enhance with your Companion Ad.

Add the CUT ID from your automation system for each spot/NTR event you want linked to this campaign, then click the add icon (+) to add it to the campaign.  When these spots or promos air, the Companion Ad you are creating will display to the listener, in sync with your broadcast audio.


If you don’t know CUT ID, click "Browse" to search for the spot/promo by its name.



You can add any number of spots/NTR events to a single Campaign, but a spot/NTR event can be associated with only one active campaign at a time.


Add Schedule (Start & End date) and the basic Broadcast Content


  • Enter the start day/time and end day/time for the campaign
  • Headline: Add the required headline.
  • Text: Add the required sub-text.
  • Image: Add an optional image (if no image added, the logo entered in Settings will display).
  • The information added thus far can be delivered over HD Radio and via NextRadio.



Notes on Campaign Images

  1. Images are not required. If you do not upload an image, the image in your station settings will be displayed.

  2. Campaigns support .GIF, .JPG and .PNG files for image upload. Minimum dimensions are 450px by 450px. For best results do not upload transparent .PNG files.

  3. Images are not broadcast in HD for broadcast events that are less than 27 seconds long.



Add Enhancements

Campaigns provides a number of optional enhancements for NextRadio, select the enhancements you wish to configure.  These enhancements will be presented as part of the Companion Ad and/or Card you are creating.



Basic Enhancements

Enables you to direct a listener to a website, call a phone number, or both.


  • Website URL: Where would you like to take the listener?  Enter the URL here.
  • Website Action Text: Enables you to customize the URL button, up to 16 characters.  If nothing is entered here, button reads "Visit Website".
  • Phone Number: Where would you like the listener to call?  Enter the number here.


SMS Integration

Enables you to provide the listener the ability to send a text to the appropriate place, with the appropriate keyword.


  • Short Code: Enter your SMS shortcode.
  • Keyword: Enter in the appropriate keyword or prompt for your specific purpose.


Find Nearby

Enables you to provide location information to the listener.


  • Enter a keyword, address or latitude/longitude for the location you wish to map.
  • View Map: Enables you to  test your work, and see where the map will direct the listener.


Calendar Event

Enables you to provide event details to a listener so that they may save the event to their calendar.


  • Title: The name if the event.  Required.
  • Location: Where the event takes place. Required.
  • Description: Details about the event. Optional.
  • Enter a Start/End date and time. Required.


Coupon Code

Enables you to provide a coupon to the listener.


  • Type: Select the code type (most typically you'll select QR).  Required.
  • Code String: Enter the information that should live behind the code you'll display on screen. Required.
  • Title: Enter the coupon title.  Required.
  • Description: Describe the offer.  Optional.
  • Advertiser logo: Add an image to be displayed with the coupon.  Optional.
  • Expiration date: The day/time the coupon expires.  Optional.


Final Steps when Creating a Campaign

  1. Once your enhancements are configured, choose a primary call to action, which will be highlighted when the enhancement displays.

  2. When your Campaign details are complete, click the "Preview" button to view your campaign in the NextRadio emulator.

  3. When you’re satisfied that the details are accurate, click "Create" to create your Campaign.

  4.  If you are only creating a Companion Ad, your work is done; if you'd like to present these campaign details in the form of a Card, head over HERE.
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