Troubleshooting Image Display Issues on HD Receivers


If the proper image is not displaying on your HD receiver, the following items should be considered:

HD device supports The Artist Experience

  • Only HD receivers that support "The Artist Experience®" will display images

Automation System

  • If you are running a system that does not support “next up” capability, expect a delay between the start of the audio/text within the HD receiver, and the presence of the image.

Length of automation event

  • If an audio event is too short, the associated image is not likely to arrive before the next audio event begins. Delivering the image in this scenario would create an image "traffic jam" that results in a disparity between the audio event and the visual displayed on the receiver.
  • TagStation accounts for these factors in accordance with the iBiquity spec and will not send images for automation events less than 27 seconds in length.

Album art incorrectly matched, or not matched, in TagStation

  • Verify that the correct album art is matched to the song in TagStation

JMSAC caching

  • If the album art is correct in TagStation, but incorrect on the HD device, JMSAC caching could be the culprit.  Ask the station engineer to do the following:
    • Close Middleware software and JMSAC
    • Upgrade JMSAC to version 2.0.5
    • Edit the following line in the file from <entry key="File Overwrite">false</entry> to <entry key="File Overwrite">true</entry>
    • Start JMSAC and then start your middleware back up

Tune In factors

  • “When” a listener tunes to your HD signal also impacts whether or not they'll see an image displayed for a song.  If a listener tunes to your HD signal after the initial transmission of the image, they will not see an image until it is rebroadcast by your playout system.  It’s also very possible that the listener may not ever see an image for the song.
  • Why?  See "What's Involved in Broadcasting an Image over HD?"

Reception factors

  • Transmission of images over HD Radio is dependent upon device reception.  If HD reception drops out while the image is being transmitted, the data transferred is lost and the receiving device must wait until the image is rebroadcast before the image can be displayed.

TagStation not functioning properly

  • While this is possible, it is rare. A simple confirmation that the correct image is visible in TagStation is one way to verify proper functionality.  You can also monitor the station logo and album art that is being acquired and sent for broadcast in the JMSAC installation directory\data\work folder.

HD Equipment Settings

  • Nautel Exporter Setting
    • There is a specific setting on Nautel exporters that caused the issue.
      Please change the exporter:
      a) PSD Interval
      o Change it from '45' to ‘1’
  • Importer Setting
    • In the Importer Setup Screen on the line for Logistics processor change the Link Delay value from 20 to 3 and click OK
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