JMSAC software for HD


JMSAC software enables your middleware to insert album artwork into your HD stream and is provided by your HD vendor. Please contact your HD vendor for details on how to obtain this software.  

Please be aware that we have run into a few instances where support teams from the various HD vendors are uncertain about how to get you the JMSAC software, or, incorrectly direct users to TagStation Support for the software.  Your vendor is the keeper of this software - simply press them to talk to a manager if the person you speak with is not helpful.  

Note: With Importer version 5.1 and higher JMSAC is included in the Importers software and is no longer a separate piece of software. 


  • Phone:  217-222-8200
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Broadcast Electronics (BE)

  • Phone:  217-224-4700
  • Email:


  • Phone:  877-628-8353
  • Email:
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