(Chapter 8) Final Thoughts & Additional Resources


It takes a small amount of effort to create big value with your Now Playing data.  Don't over think it.  In the end it all comes down to content + promotion.

If you:

  • Curate your Now Playing data to create the best Radio experience possible
  • Drive usage among experiences that fuel business intelligence

...you will have success.

With this in mind, we are your partner in this effort and our goal is to help you be successful. By clarifying the why, demystifying the what and simplifying the how this playbook should be a useful road map, but if you have questions, or need a little help along the way, here are a few more resources available to you:

Live Support

Have a question, comment or need to coordinate a playbook roll-out for your team, market or company?  
Our Customer Care team is here to help.  Initiate your request via email to support@tagstation.com

Videos + User Manuals
Visit the "Learning TagStation" section of our Help Center.

Other Valuable Information
Verifying data from automation is flowing correctly into TagStation

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