(Chapter 7) Measuring Success


There is no one-size-fits all answer to what success looks like, but it can be broadly defined as:

  • Using Now Playing data to improve the Radio experience
  • Driving engagement with measurable Radio experiences
  • Deriving actionable intelligence from measurable Radio experiences to drive growth
  • Using limited resources to achieve all of the above

How do you know that you are on the right track?

In the near term, focus on growth in these areas:

  • Growth of your enhanced content and how you use it to create experiences
  • Growth of your station usage in NextRadio vs. NextRadio growth in your market
  • Growth of your station usage in NextRadio vs. that of your direct competitors

Below are milestones that indicate you are heading in the right direction and ready to move on to the next challenge.

Milestone 1: Make enhanced content a priority

  • Identify an internal champion that will reinforce playbook concepts and ensure synergy among those who contribute to its execution
  • Develop roles and processes around enhanced content management
  • Implement a promotional plan to drive engagement with the measurable experiences

Milestone 2: Lay the Foundation of the Enhanced Experience

  • In TagStation:
    • Configure your Settings
    • Create your Schedule
    • Manage your Song matches

Milestone 3: Exploit the Advantages of NextRadio

  • A great experience + consistent promotion = more listeners who listen longer more frequently
  • Create the best experience possible with the tools available
  • Align promotional efforts to drive engagement and fuel Dial Report insights
    • Increase the number of users who denote you as a “favorite”
    • Promote features that help users get more information and easily connect
    • Create unique opportunities available to the user
    • Use on-air, online and on-site endorsements to drive in-market downloads

Milestone 4: Connect users with station initiatives

  • In TagStation, use the Campaigns tool to create Companion Ads and Cards
    • Companion Ads enable users to see and interact with non-music events, when they air
    • Cards are like billboards in NextRadio that extend the visibility of your station initiatives

Milestone 5: Measure the effectiveness of your efforts

  • Use the insights available in Dial Report to drive content and product decisions
  • Gauge the impact of enhanced content and promotion on listening and behavior in NextRadio
  • Gain better insight into who listens, when and what impacts their experience

Milestone 6: Evolve

  • Refine your approach to product, enhanced content and promotion to improve the experience, foster growth and achieve your ultimate goal of creating value for consumers, advertisers and owners

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