(Chapter 7) Measuring Success


There is no one-size-fits all answer to what success looks like, but it can be broadly defined as:

  • Using Now Playing data to improve the Radio experience
  • Driving engagement with measurable Radio experience to increase business intelligence
  • Using limited resources to achieve the above

How do you know that you are on the right track?

Milestone 1: Make enhanced content a priority

  • Identify an internal champion that will reinforce playbook concepts and ensure synergy among those who contribute to its execution
  • Develop roles and processes around enhanced content management
  • Implement a promotional plan to drive engagement with measurable Radio experiences

Milestone 2: Lay the Foundation of the Enhanced Experience

  • In TagStation:
    • Configure your Settings
    • Create your Schedule
    • Manage your Song matches

Milestone 3: Exploit the Advantages of NextRadio

  • A great experience + consistent promotion = more listeners who listen longer more frequently
  • Align promotional efforts to drive engagement and fuel business intelligence
    • Share your NextRadio deep links with your audience
    • Increase the number of users who denote you as a “favorite”
    • Promote features that help users get more information and easily connect
    • Create unique opportunities available to the user

Milestone 4: Connect users with station initiatives

  • In TagStation, use the Campaigns tool to create Companion Ads
    • Companion Ads enable users to see and interact with non-music events, when they air

Milestone 5: Measure the effectiveness of your efforts

Milestone 6: Evolve

  • Refine your approach to product, enhanced content and promotion to improve the experience, foster growth and achieve your ultimate goal of creating value for consumers, advertisers and owners

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