(Chapter 4) BASIC Content Management


By now you should be familiar with the tools at your disposal, and the relationships between them, which means you’re ready to get into how you derive value from your Now Playing data.

This chapter covers the basics - the minimum you should do to enhance your station experience, capitalize on the unique advantages of NextRadio and ensure that your station looks as good as it sounds. 

To watch an overview introducing you to TagStation, click HERE.

Step 1: Get access to TagStation

If you don’t already have it, email support@tagstation.com to request access to the TagStation admin.  Our Technical Support team will let you know if they need additional information and hook you up.

Step 2: Configure your Settings

The Settings tab is where you define the basic information about your station to ensure it is represented accurately across receiving devices.  (Watch a video HERE).
Time Commitment
  • Set up: ~10 minutes
  • Maintenance: None
How To
  • Go to TagStation>>Settings
  • Complete all fields in the General section
  • Complete all fields in the Content section
    • For "Replacement Content"
      • Music stations should select Station Schedule
      • Talk Stations should select Default Station Content
  • Ask your engineer to complete the Automation tab

A note about Settings

"Replacement Content" and other Settings will be covered later.

Step 3: Create your Schedule

In the Schedule tab you define your program schedule in order to expose your programs and talent to the audience, and enable users to more easily connect with them.  Enhanced content from your Schedule displays during gap events, and can also be set to display during non-music events, which is discussed in the next chapter.

Great schedule entries feature a custom image, title + descriptive text that reflect the talent or program, and a "basic" enhancement. Be consistent in your approach to creating entries to make your life easier. (Watch a video HERE).

Your Goal: Create Schedule entries that accurately reflect the broadcast content that airs Mon - Fri, 6a -10p.

Time Commitment
  • Set up: ~30 minutes
  • Maintenance: 5 minutes per entry (only when your schedule changes)
How To
  • Go to TagStation>>Schedule
  • Click "+ New Event" then add your title, descriptive text and custom image
  • Select a start date/time and an end date/time, then choose how often this entry should repeat
  • Configure your basic enhancement, save your work

Notes about Schedule

If the talent/program has multiple "touch points" (twitter, blog, podcast, etc.) consider creating Schedule entries by the hour or quarter hour vs. one entry spanning an entire shift. 

Step 4: Manage your Song matches

The Music tab is where enhanced content meets your music events. TagStation attempts to auto-match album art, artist name, song and album title to the bulk of your songs - and when it cannot, provides an easy way for you to make the appropriate match.

Visit the Music tab more frequently as TagStation processes your music library for the first time, and focus on matching unmatched songs .  These are songs TagStation was unable to auto-match and are a priority because they do not have enhanced content associated with them. (Watch a video HERE).

Your Goal: Maintain at least a 95% match rate for your songs.

Time Commitment
  • Set up: 1-2 hours
  • Maintenance: Less than 1 hour per week
How To
  • Go to TagStation>>Music
  • Remove unnecessary song records by navigating to "Batch Delete Songs" at the bottom of the page
    • Select unmatched , then 30 days or more, then click delete
  • Return to the top of the page and click unmatched songs 
    • Click a song in this list, then click "Find Match" to search for enhanced content
      • Tweak the artist name or song title in the search fields to improve your results
    • Click on the enhanced content you wish to match to the song
      • Notice that the song status changes from unmatched  to matched matched.png
  • Review auto-matched automatched.png songs without album art + search for matches that include album art
  • If necessary, Customize customize.png songs to change the artist, title, album or album art matched to it
    • This feature is handy for in-studio performances

A note about Song Matching

How song info is entered into your local playout system will impact TagStation’s ability to provide an accurate auto-match.  Enter only the artist name(s) and song title as they appear on the actual record when new music is added to your playout system to improve your auto-match rate and the quality of your auto-mathces.


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