(Chapter 3) The Unique Advantages of NextRadio


The examples from the previous chapter highlight how the Radio experience is impacted by the tech and receiving device in play: radio receivers with RDS, HD Radio receivers, NextRadio on Android + iOS devices.

This chapter focuses on NextRadio and how to capitalize on the unique advantages it offers.


We are working with Nielsen to determine the best ways to incorporate NextRadio usage data as part of their ongoing efforts to use Big Data sources to enhance their audio measurement solutions.

2. NextRadio improves the local Radio experience

Utilizing enhanced content from TagStation, NextRadio transforms your broadcast into the experience consumers expect.


3. NextRadio generates additional content for your users, on your behalf  

NextRadio gives more than it takes, recycling the enhanced content you create in TagStation to expose users to more of what they care about, making each engagement with your station stickier.

Dynamic Cards present enhanced content in billboard-like fashion to your users.  



Recently aired content is easily discovered and gains additional exposure in the station's Recent tab:


Newsfeed is a continuously updated list of content personalized to the tastes of the user.


4. NextRadio provides a feedback loop to the station

NextRadio usage is quantifiable and specific, and becomes actionable through Dial Report.  Drive engagement with your station in NextRadio to improve the business intelligence available to Programming, Marketing and Sales.   

5. Enhanced content increases listening and tune-ins to your station

Something as simple as album art, program-related information and providing the ability to interact impacts NextRadio usage in a number of positive ways.  Read the case study HERE.


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