Your Now Playing Data Is The Key That Unlocks Value


Consumers want an experience. Advertisers want to measure effectiveness. Owners want to see their investments grow. In exchange for time, money, or both—everyone expects value in return.

Has anything really changed?

Consider the importance of Now Playing data.

Listeners have always sought it (“What's the name of this song?” “Who’s in the studio today?"). But in our mobile, digital, multiple-points-of-distribution world - Now Playing data has become the foundation of the Radio experience.

When you play “Paul Revere” by Beastie Boys, people hear it, just like they always have. But consumers expect more - they want to see, interact, and get at least as much as they give.

That’s why somewhere, as you’re playing it, systems are interpreting the data set

<artist = beastie boys><title = paul revere><album = licensed to ill><duration = 221><cutID = 905332>

so that various technologies can deliver an enhanced experience to a legion of receiving devices.

Some of these receivers are highly measurable platforms, capturing data that can influence ratings and be leveraged into business intelligence.

How do you, as a steward of the product, use your Now Playing data to deliver value to your constituents?

Step one requires a willingness to adapt “how you do what you do” to take advantage of the opportunity.

Step two is to understand the tools available and how to flex them for maximum gain.

Step three is to do what you do: curate content, drive engagement, measure effectiveness, refine, repeat. 

This playbook exists to help you navigate through these steps and have success.  

Use it as a roadmap to derive maximum value from your Now Playing data and to deliver the value consumers, advertisers and owners expect.

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