(Chapter 6) Creating Station Engagement


There's no doubt that enhanced content improves the Radio experience across the board. 

But the strategic use of promotional power is what will grow the audience and drive usage among the measurable experiences that fuel Listener Intelligence.

Below are a few tactics to consider to create station engagement inside NextRadio


1. Share your NextRadio deep link via your social networks

A NextRadio "deep link" provides a direct connection to your station inside the NextRadio app.  Users with NextRadio installed will be taken directly to your station when they click your deep link.  Users without NextRadio installed will be taken to the appropriate app store to download NextRadio, and when they open the app, will be taken to your station.

Your station's Deep Link is displayed on the Settings tab under Reference.


2. Remind listeners to "favorite" you in the NextRadio app


When your station is marked a "favorite" you become a pre-set in the user's NextRadio app (listed in "My Favorite Stations" and at the top of "Live Guide"). 

3. Leverage the "Station Info" page to weave NextRadio-speak into your on-air presentation



The Station Info page displays a "Visit Site" and "Call" button, as well as Schedule cards for the personality that's on-air and up next.

When you ask listeners to call or visit your website – add a tiny bit of information to the on-air presentation:

  • “or tap Call from the Station Info page in the NextRadio app”
  • “or tap Visit Site from the Station Info page in the NextRadio app”

When a personality talks about their Instagram, twitter, podcasts of blog:

  • "or click my Instagram handle from the Station Info page in the NextRadio app"

Note: The call and visit website buttons are configured in TagStation: Settings.  The presence of Schedule cards is contingent upon entries created in TagStation: Schedule.  For Schedule entries, be sure to coordinate your on-air presentation with the links created in the Schedule (e.g. be sure to link to the talent's Instagram page if they're going to talk about Instagram; their blog if they're going to mention their blog, etc.)

4. Promote listening through NextRadio, run pre-produced spots, create something custom

If anyone knows how to effectively promote NextRadio to your audience, it's you.  Everything you need to work your magic can be found at NextRadio.com/promote.

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