(Chapter 2) Understanding Enhanced Content


Enhanced Content refers to the visual and/or interactive elements that accompany your on-air programming as it is consumed across various technologies and devices.


How It Works

Think of your songs, spots, promos, recorded segments - anything that fires from your playout system - as individual events.  Now let’s call them "Now Playing” events.

As your Now Playing events air TagStation receives information about them, including the event type.

Now Playing events are either Music events or Non-Music events.

When nothing airs, TagStation creates a third event type - the Gap event.

When a song airs - it’s a music event.
When a spot, promo, recorded segment, etc. airs - it’s a non-music event.
The absence of a song, spot, promo, recorded segment, etc. airing - is a gap event.

How a listener experiences enhanced content is a function of the event type, the enhanced content associated with the event and the capabilities of the receiving device.


What It Looks Like

Let's look at a music event, the song "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato.

Here’s what it looks like in TagStation:


And here is what the enhanced experience that accompanies the audio looks like on...

RDS receiver


HD Radio receiver



NextRadio app


The Connected Dashboard



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