(Chapter 1) Understanding the Toolset


In order to be successful, it’s important to understand the tools at your disposal and the mutually beneficial relationship between them:

TagStation connects to the local playout system and enables Radio stations to associate images and text (enhanced content) with their broadcast audio. As a single, common source of enhanced content, TagStation helps Radio create a better, more consistent experience across multiple points of distribution: NextRadio, HD Radio, Radio.com, station apps, RDS + more.  

NextRadio is the industry-supported app that enables users to tune FM on the smartphone (on devices with an FM chip) as well as station streams. It enables real-time, census-based measurement of FM consumption and creates demand for FM in the mobile device. 

Dial Report aggregates usage data from Radio's various distribution channels to create business intelligence for broadcasters and their advertisers.  Unifying Radio consumption into a single, common source creates a more complete view of listening, listeners and their behaviors, enables the impact of ad exposure to be measured in ways advertisers expect and puts the industry in a position to improve the reliability of current measurement standards. 


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