(Chapter 1) Understanding the Toolset


In order to be successful, it’s important to understand the tools at your disposal and their relationship to one another.

TagStation connects to your local playout system so you can manage the visual elements associated with your on-air programming. Use TagStation to turn your Now Playing data into an enhanced product experience that is consistent across multiple technologies. These include, but are not limited to: RDS receivers, HD Radio receivers and NextRadio-compatible devices.

NextRadio is a local radio application available for Android + iOS devices that provides a number of unique advantages to the Radio industry:
  • It improves the local Radio experience
  • Usage provides a feedback loop for analysis
  • We are working with Nielsen to determine the best ways to incorporate NextRadio usage data as part of their ongoing efforts to use Big Data sources to enhance their audio measurement solutions

Dial Report distills the data captured by NextRadio, merges it with other data sources and outputs intelligence about listening and listeners.

The mutually beneficial relationship that exists between these tools is worth spelling out:

TagStation leverages your Now Playing data so you can create an enhanced product experience that is consistent across multiple technologies.

NextRadio pairs your broadcast audio with enhanced content to improve the Radio experience, its usage is highly measurable.

Dial Report distills NextRadio usage into business intelligence that can inform Programming, Marketing and Sales.


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