Station Onboarding Guide


Welcome to TagStation!

Now that your station has chosen to integrate with TagStation, let's ensure that you get all the benefits TagStation has to offer.

With this guide, we'll help you make your station look its best in NextRadio and the connected car quickly and efficiently.  

  1. Connect your Playout System to TagStation

    The first thing that needs to happen is your playout system needs to send metadata to TagStation about what you're playing on-air. By now, our Technical Support team has sent setup instructions to the persons identified as technical contacts at your station. Once connected, your songs, spots and promos will be visible in the TagStation Admin on the Songs and Non-music Events tabs, respectively. Talk stations won't send songs, but should send spots and promos.

    • If you see errors such as event data appearing on the wrong tab or events not appearing at all, please alert your Engineering staff or contact TagStation Support.
    • By default, your technical contacts will receive an email if TagStation stops receiving audio event metadata from your station. You can change or add additional recipients on the Settings tab.

    The Connecting to TagStation category in our Help Center covers this topic in depth.

  2. Verify your Now Playing Data

    Now that you are sending your now playing data, it is important to verify that all data is arriving in TagStation correctly.

    This guide will help you find and correct common data issues.

  3. Update your Settings

    The Settings tab in the TagStation Admin is where you'll set your station logo, slogan and format, among other things. This is a critical step to ensure your station is accurately displayed in NextRadio and connected cars. This is also where your alignment is configured so that visual elements from TagStation appear in sync with your over-the-air broadcast.

    See Configuring your Settings for detailed instructions.

  4. Check your Song Matching

    When TagStation receives song metadata, it looks for the album artwork in the Gracenote database. If your artist names, album names and song titles are entered into your automation system correctly, you'll have a good match rate automatically. But there are cases where you'll want to change a match - to show the original album instead of a greatest hits album, for example.

    Everything you need to know about song matching can be found in the Songs section of the Help Center.

    Your song match rate should be checked regularly to ensure accuracy.
  5. Create your Schedule

    Showcase your programs and on-air talent with TagStation's Schedule feature. Each event in your Schedule can have enhancements that allow your listeners to engage with your programs and talent by visiting a website, placing a call, or sending a text message.

    To get started, visit Managing your Schedule.

    Be sure to update your Schedule in TagStation anytime there is a change to your on-air programming or talent.
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